What is a Telecom Tower Technician?

Telecom tower technicians are people who specialize in the installation, servicing, maintenance, and decommissioning of cell phone towers. They work with a variety of hardware, including coaxial cables, antenna, radios, and fiber-optic cables.

Telecom companies need telecom tower technicians to ensure that their networks remain operational. Without the services of tower technicians, firms would not be able to maintain network service or coverage for customers.

Telecom tower technicians have a variety of responsibilities. These include:

Ensuring on-site safety and complying with safety standards
Conducting repairs to telecom towers at a height
Reporting on possible hazards on telecom towers
Following work checklists and ensure operational compliance
Following instructions set out by the scope of work and methods of procedures (MOPs)
Completing work to customer specifications
Troubleshooting tower issues
Expanding network coverage
Performing equipment swaps and site upgrades

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